Encontre as diferenças

Que se desengane quem argumenta a inevitabilidade ou imprevisibilidade da situação deste país ou, até, da Europa. Para vermos o nosso futuro neoliberal, basta olharmos para os nossos amigos EUA.

Passo, a título de exemplo, a transcrever esta passagem:

Failing a language that could gather the dispersed fragments of personal experiences into a meaningful collective configuration, the diffuse frustration and anxiety generated by the disorganization of the established reproduction strategies of the American middle classes have been directed against the state, on the one side, which was accused of weighting on the social body like a yoke as stifling as it is useless, and, on the other, against categories held to be “undeserving”, or suspected of benefiting from programs of affirmative action, henceforth perceived as handouts violating the very principle of equity they claim to advance. The former tendency expressed itself in the pseudo-populist tone of politicians near-unanimously directed a denunciatory and revanchist discourse against Washington’s technocrats and other bureaucratic “elites” – of which they are typically full-fledged members – and public services – whose personnel and budgets they promised to “trim”. The second tendency is evident in the fact that 62 percent of Americans are opposed to affirmative action for blacks and 66 percent are against affirmative action for women, even in those cases where it is proven that those helped were targets of discrimination, while two Americans in three wish to curtail immigration, even as 55 percent concede that immigrants take jobs nationals do not want (precisely because they are overexploitative).

in Wacquant, L. 2009 (2004) Punishing the Poor: The neoliberal Government of Social Insecurity. Durnham e Londres, Duke University Press: 57 [negrito para itálicos do original]

Wacquant escreve isto sobre a transição política dos Estados Unidos nos anos 80-90.

Onde se lê “blacks”, para o caso português, eu escreveria “ciganos”.


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